About Us

We will host a kite festival where parents will involve their teenaged children, even those with troubled records. Raymond Robb, co-founder of the LIONS Society working with local young adults in Croydon, proportionally blamed the crime statistics in poor youth intervention. He supports This Event  as a rare available scheme where community generations can be involved together. At first glance, the activities may seem outside of youths interests, but we have identified ways to entice their appeal.

Project activities will encourage families to design kites to represent them, with prizes for the best ones. Project workshops will support the kites’ designing, including using digital technology plus traditional materials. With high levels of youth interest in digital technology and music, we will have endorsements from popular celebrities who we know the youths admire. Popular community radio presenters will provide performance opportunities at the kite festival to ensuring inclusion of music genres most popular with young people. Youths can contribute to music production and performances, but with community friendly content encouraging community cohesion and family unity.

Our volunteer street team has canvassed local areas with dense Afro-Caribbean communities to assess responses to our idea. Residents answered questionnaires in varied locations from shopping centres, where knife fights have happened like Whitfield, through to youths affected by knife crime in schools like the Harris Invictus Academy. Older generations are fully behind us and local youths are intrigued to learn about Jamaican culture beyond the violent and sexist stereotypes through music. The workshops will also train in preparation of varied Jamaican dishes for kite festival attendees.

In bringing local youths and their families together in this project we aim to use this cohesion to bring them together and have a greater understanding for community values, and to respect the lives of others. By increasing family bonding, young people will tuen more to their families for their support and away from street gang lifestyles that maintain high knife crime levels. Also by including digitally related activities, we may tap into their interests in this area and develop hidden talents and career aspirations. Thus helping them fulfill their life’s potential.

We will also encourage music performances from local young people, all to use expressions and lyrics that are ant-knife and gangs and encourage community cohesion and family togetherness. We will hold a follow up meeting t discuss this festival’s success with the view to making this an annual celebration.