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Kite Flying Competion

Kite competitions have been a tradition thing in jamaica and the caribbean, during the easter time. With competitors being judged on their Kite design creativity and performance white it in the air. Performances are done as individuals, a pair of pilots, or as a team. Team flying is typically the most spectacular, their kites flying within inches of each other and narrowly averting disaster, while performing all manner of figures and formations in the air. The most common configuration for a sport kite is a roughly triangular “delta” shape, with one or two lines for control. These kites are normally constructed from lightweight bomboo¬† and crip paper or coloried plastic.

The Kites can sometimes be controlled by walking/running forward or backwards, giving the lines different amounts of tension. Using a combination of pulls and pushes (to give slack to the lines), complex tricks and patterns can be flown. These range in difficulty from turns, loops and landings, to maneuvers where the kite is flipped and turned end over end, wrapping the lines or floating on its front or back. During diving maneuvers kites could reach greate height, depending on the design and the controler, while in stall type maneuvers they can remain nearly motionless. This type of stall allows for various other acrobatic maneuvers to be performed.

Winner will be judged on these category

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Duribility