The Events

This Kite Festival will encourage families to design kites to represent them, with prizes for the best ones. designs, including using digital technology plus traditional materials. With high levels of youth interest in digital technology and music, we will have endorsements from popular celebrities who we know the youths admire. Popular community radio presenters will provide performance opportunities at the kite festival to ensuring inclusion of music genres most popular with young people. Youths can contribute to music production and performances, but with community friendly content encouraging community cohesion and family unity.

This Event will be based on the traditional Jamaican culture of kite flying, relatively unknown to Jamaican communities here in the UK, although kite flying festivals are popular in Jamaica. As cultural family spectacles, these events also include traditional Jamaican board games, pastimes and cultural traditions like:

  • Kite Flying competions
  • Domino Games
  • ConmputerVideo Games
  • Drauft games
  • Ludi, a Jamaican version of Ludo
  • Boutnty Castle
  • Face Painting
  • Raffle
  • many prises and surprises